This Derm-Accepted DIY Foot Peel Will Save Your Cracked, Callused Heels


Maybe you’ve by no means thought twice about exfoliating your ft, save for a month-to-month pedicure or two. I imply, the pores and skin on the soles is kind of thick, so does it actually require diligent care? Nicely, “Should you don’t exfoliate your ft in any respect, [the skin] can crack,” says board-certified dermatologist Purshiva Patel, M.D., founding father of Visha Skincare. “Some folks can itch or really feel ache—that’s when the nerves begin to fireplace. These cracks are additionally open to the atmosphere, so micro organism can get contained in the pores and skin.” Oh, ouch. 

And because the pores and skin on the ft is a high-trauma space, board-certified dermatologist Joyce Park, M.D., says you may expertise plenty of pores and skin buildup from repeated stress. A situation known as hyperkeratosis, as she explains in a TikTok video

That does not imply you have to go for a market peel. Your ft do exfoliate naturally, and Patel notes that even simply strolling round barefoot exfoliates the ft for some. It’s a slower course of, although, so you may all the time pace it up with merchandise.