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Orthodontics in Methuen, Massachusetts: A Beautiful Smile Starts Here

Sep 28

Orthodontics in Methuen Massachusetts is a well-known fact that people judge others on their appearance, and this includes your smile. If you are looking to improve your self-confidence and how others perceive you, then orthodontics may be the answer for you! Orthodontic care in Methuen can help give you a beautiful new smile by straightening teeth with braces or aligning them naturally with Invisalign. This article will cover the benefits of orthodontics in Methuen, Massachusetts as well as some common myths about the process!

What does orthodontics in Methuen, MA do for you?

Orthodontics in Methuen, MA can change the way your teeth look and function. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children get screened for orthodontic problems at around age seven or eight. At this time a child's adult teeth have started to come in but are not yet fully grown into place so they are still susceptible to movement from pressure applied by other growing teeth and/or jaw growth.

Why orthodontics in Methuen, MA is important for your smile

They are probably the most important people in your life that you have not met yet. Methuen Orthodontists are trained to be able to detect problems with teeth and they can fix them before they become a problem later on in life. Save money: If you catch it early, then you won't need as much work done because everything is still okay! Prevent pain: Early detection of potential issues will help prevent future flare-ups; why go through years of "discomfort" when we could just get rid of it now?

Orthodontics in Methuen, MA  treatment options to suit your needs and budget.

Treatment options include traditional metal braces as well as clear and ceramic braces. They even offer Invisalign if you are looking for a more discreet option. Orthodontics in Methuen, Massachusetts is all about providing patients with beautiful smiles at affordable rates to suit their needs! If you or your child needs Braces Orthodontics in Methuen can help get them on the road to that perfect smile they have always wanted. The practice offers several different

What is the difference between traditional braces and clear aligners?

Traditional affordable braces in Methuen are made of metal and wire, which can be seen on the outside. Clear aligners are almost invisible to those around you because they fit in your mouth as a retainer does. This allows you to eat all kinds of foods that would have been dangerous with traditional braces or even impossible while wearing clear aligner trays (no chewing on ice!) On top of this, many insurance plans will cover both types depending on where orthodontic treatment is necessary; however, most insurances do not cover Invisalign® treatments at all!

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