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Many Benefits of Using Fermented Skin Care Products

May 17

We are both aware of the significance of personal skin treatment. The how-to (for personal skin care) varies from individual to person. Some people feel that going to beauty salons any other day is good for their skin.

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Others agree that personal skin treatment is just a matter of adding cream or lotion to the skin on a regular basis. Then there are others that believe that personal skin treatment is something that can be done once a month or once a year. Others are constantly preoccupied with personal skin treatment. Personal skin care, on the other hand, is neither difficult nor costly (considering how beneficial it is). Personal skin care entails adhering to a regimen or protocol to address the needs of the skin.

Even before you begin a regim, you must decide your skin condition (oily, dry, allergic, natural, etc.) and choose personal skin care items that are appropriate for it (you might have to experiment with a few personal skin care products). Here's a regimen that can fit the majority of people with normal skin.

Cleansing is the first step of every personal skin care regimen. A cleanser's three primary components are tar, water, and surfactants (wetting agents). Oil and surfactants remove dirt and oil from the skin, and water flushes it out, leaving your skin clear. You might need to use a few different cleansers before you find the one that works better for you. You can, though, only use soap-free cleansers. You can still use Luke warm water to scrub (hot and cold water, both, cause damage to your skin). Take caution not to over-cleanse the skin and end up scratching it in the process.

Exfoliation is the second phase of the personal skin care regimen. Skin maintains itself naturally by removing dead cells and replacing them with fresh skin cells. Exfoliation is simply a means of assisting the skin in this operation. Dead skin cells are unable to react to personal skin care items, however they continue to eat them, stopping them from reaching fresh skin cells. Thus, eliminating dead skin cells is important in order to improve the efficacy of all personal skin care items. Exfoliation is usually performed immediately following cleansing. It is important, as in any personal skin care treatment, that you consider how much exfoliation you need. For oily/normal skin, exfoliate 4-5 days a week, and for dry/sensitive skin, exfoliate 1-2 times a week. In hot and humid season, exfoliate a couple of times more.

Moisturizers are the next step of the specific skin care regimen. This is one of the most crucial aspects of personal skin treatment. Moisturizers are needed also for people with oily skin. Moisturizers not only seal moisture in your skin cells, but they also attract moisture (from the air) as required. However, using so much moisturizer will clog skin pores and damage your skin. Within one week after using the moisturiser, you will be able to tell how much moisturiser the skin needs. Often, add the moisturizer when the skin is already wet.

Sunscreen is the next step of the personal skin care regimen. Many moisturizers (day creams/moisturizers) provide UV defense, so you can reap double benefits from them. Such moisturizers are appropriate for use on all days (irrespective of whether it is sunny or cloudy).

Experiment for different personal skin care ingredients as well as the number you need to submit. The perfect personal skin care formula for you is what gets you the best performance. However, if you have a skin issue, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist before beginning to use any personal skin care items.