I am An Optometrist & This is Why You Want To Cease Rubbing Your Eyes


Strolling in blustery winters, carrying a masks, or making uninterrupted eye contact with a pc display screen are just some elements that may set off the temptation to rub your eyes. As satisfying as it may be within the second, that seemingly easy act can have deleterious results on eye health

In accordance with optometrist Carly Rose, O.D., the side effects of rubbing your eyes transcend only a crimson and irritated look. “We all know eye rubbing is linked to keratoconus, allergy symptoms, glaucoma, darkish circles underneath your eyes, and wrinkles,” she says in a TikTok video. “You can even injure the floor of your eyes, your eyelids, or trigger infections.” 

Whereas all of that sounds fairly undesirable, it may be laborious to withstand the temptation to rub—particularly when eyes turn out to be dry, itchy, or invaded by a pesky piece of fuzz. 

Quite than making an attempt to speak your self out of the ache (although mindfulness and breathwork might assist cut back ache briefly), Rose recommends these three eye-rubbing options: