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Here's a quick guide to getting a cannabis card

Oct 14


Missouri is known as one of the first states in America to allow medical marijuana. On July 1, 2018, the Missouri Department of Health opened accepting applications for patients. They expect dispensaries to be open by mid-to-late 2020, according to the current pace. However, in anticipation that it could take a bit of time before policies for the entire state are refined and enacted the majority of providers do not examine their patient populations that have applied for treatment under Amendment Two. It's because they cannot yet get approved due solely to being within proximity boundaries without additional qualifications (age limit).

Missouri patient admissibility

Missouri permits people with specific medical conditions are able to smoke marijuana. However, the process of obtaining this card is often complicated and difficult to comprehend. There are many requirements that must be met in order to lead a healthy life. They include being an official resident or having your physician approve of you and then submit the documents online within 30 days after the diagnosis. You will also require additional forms before they can be approved. You must be suffering from one of these medical conditions to be eligible.

  • Cancer

  • Epilepsy

  • Glaucoma

  • Migraines

  • Human immunodeficiency virus

  • A chronic medical condition that results in physical and/or psychiatric dependence

  • A chronic medical condition that causes intense and constant pain.

  • Debilitating psychiatric conditions

  • A chronic medical health

  • In the professional opinion of a physician, any other chronic, affliction that is devastating or medical that involves but is not only the hepatitis C or amyotrophic lateral syndrome (ALS) as well as IBD and Crohn's disease.


Through the Missouri Department of Health's online registry, it is possible to apply for a medical cannabis card in only several clicks. There are some basic eligibility requirements before you can begin:

1) A valid email address

2) A good attitude for 3-4 weeks or the period that is best to get approval quickly

These are the requirements for filling out an online application for the Missouri medical marijuana card.

  • Date of birth, name, social security number

  • Email address

  • Documents that prove residency include a driver's license, ID card, or an invoice from a recent utility.

  • The physician certification form has to be completed by a certified medical professional. It could take up to 30 days for its completion however if it is submitted within the timeframe the patient will be issued their card on time. To be submitted, it must be scanned or photographed.

  • Original government ID card of the original government ID

  • Parental or legal guardian consent, if applicable.

  • A colorful and clear image of the patient

  • A statement that indicates if the patient is eligible for assistance through Missouri programs for people with low incomes. If so, then which programs are they. This information is not required.

  • A declaration indicating that the patient is legally able to cultivate cannabis.

  • Attestation

  • Date of signature and the date of application

  • $25 for patients who meet the criteria.

  • $25 fee for qualifying caregivers

  • $100 for patient cultivation

At a minimum, 21 years old caregivers must be capable of supervising the medical care of certified medical marijuana patients. A caregiver can take care of up to three patients but they can only have two caretakers. The authorization form has to be completed by qualified patients and submitted along with the online application.

The card regulations will be followed

In Missouri, a prior conviction is not a bar to anyone from becoming a medical marijuana patient. A previous conviction can result in the patient's or their caregiver being removed from their status. In Missouri, patients can only purchase and own up to 4 ounces of dried cannabis that is not processed or it's equivalent every 30 days. If a person requires more than the legally permitted quantity. In this case, they must get two additional medical certification documents with evidence of SEPARATE doctors stating as much prior to when the Department of Health would provide them with access. Patients are also required to pay 4 percent tax on top of state taxes when buying medicine from licensed dispensaries throughout our beautiful state. Patients licensed to cultivate can cultivate six mature plants per patient in a private facility. The department cannot provide information on where to buy seeds. The program is strictly designed to be used by residents of the state that are eligible for the card.

The advantages of the marijuana card

  • Legal protection

If you're a citizen of a state in which medical cannabis is only permitted by law and regulations, the MMJ card is what stands between a felony charge and liberty. Let's consider Arkansas as an example. they approved legalization in November. The Missouri medical marijuana card allows you to legally safeguard yourself for as long as you do what is permitted by law.

  • Lowers your costs

Being an MMJ cardholder can save you tons of cash. This is an important benefit for people who have an unavoidable medical need for cannabis. It is also possible to avoid retail and excise marijuana taxes up to a limit of a staggering amount.

  • High Potency

Dosage is imperative when it comes to consuming cannabis, as it helps to ease the effects or reduce the intensity. For those who are an MMJ cardholder, dispensaries are permitted to offer more cannabis to patients who are in dire need of. You can have up to 1000mg of recreational cannabis, but you can increase that limit by purchasing a card.

  • Possession limits

MMJ cardholders can carry a larger amount of cannabis than recreational zones. Recreational users are allowed to carry one ounce of marijuana as a legal limit and up to 8 grams of concentrate cannabis. However, cardholders are able to keep a greater amount. Additionally to recreational use, you must be 21 years old while in medical states, you are permitted to purchase cannabis after the age of 18.

  • Cultivating limits

Each medical marijuana program does not allow the cultivation of marijuana in your home backyard. Certain states restrict your capacity to cultivate marijuana if you are far from the closest dispensary.


We have provided everything you must know about obtaining a Missouri medical marijuana card as well as the benefits that come with it. These answers should provide all the answers you need.

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