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A Individuals Pleaser

A Individuals Pleaser

Natalie Jill A People Pleaser

I used to satisfaction myself on being a chameleon… That meant: 

  • Being all issues to all individuals
  • Adjusting my likes and dislikes to theirs
  • Saying, doing what I believe they need to hear or see.. 

Ugh!! It was exhausting! And I didn’t understand what I do know now- there’s a title for it and it’s referred to as “individuals pleasing”

It’s such a simple entice to fall into! I imply…

  • We need to be appreciated
  • We need to slot in
  • We don’t need to create issues… 

However there’s a large downside with individuals pleasing. There’s large value.

  • We overlook who WE are
  • We lose the genuine model of ourselves 
  • We don’t know what we actually like or don’t 
  • We cease going for our desires.

With individuals pleasing you might be doing one thing you THINK is correct.

You don’t know it’s hurting you however it’s.

How are you aware you might be doing this??

You end up saying YES whenever you imply no.

You end up altering your beliefs, your plans, your concepts due to another person

You are concerned about what others THINK and it controls your thoughts and retains it in that loop of self doubt!

The issue with all this? The issue with PEOPLE PLEASING is It pushes you additional and additional away out of your genuine self and also you begin to lose monitor of who YOU actually are and what YOU really need and need.

You aren’t too outdated and it’s not too late to vary this sample…

Recognizing it’s the FIRST STEP…

On the opposite facet of it? Freedom to really be YOU.


Natalie Jill



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