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Use of IBC Tote Mixer

Nov 17

A tote mixer allows you to mix or agitate liquids in an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) tote. IBC totes are large containers used in a variety of industries for storage and transportation of bulk liquids or dry or viscous products, such as paints, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and other fluids. IBC tote mixers are available in a range of sizes, shapes and speeds that work with a wide variety of liquid applications. White Mountain Process offers a wide selection of superior portable IBC tote mixers and agitators that are rugged, quality-built, and designed for your application.

Our IBC tote mixers are offered in air, manual, power and explosion motor proof versions. They can be adapted to fit directly onto any plastic or metal screw cap on an IBC tote, or mounted on the flange that attaches to the neck of the IBC tote. These mixers are also available with a cage mount for use on IBC tote with a cage surrounding the container.

IBC Tote Mixer Design

Our patented EvenMix(tm) electric IBC tote mixer is the most powerful tote agitator on the market and the easiest to operate. Its simple to operate controls allow you to adjust the speed of the motor and the direction of rotation for optimal mixing results. The mixer will mix 275 gallon IBC totes, or larger 330 gallon tote sizes with the appropriate size adapter. It is the most efficient IBC tote agitator due to its unique mixer drive and multi-impeller design that produces up-pumping agitation. This eliminates vortexing, and creates a more uniform mixture within the tote.

This tote agitator is designed to aid growers, ag retailers, and chemical wholesalers in performing safe, convenient mixing processes in IBC storage containers. It installs quickly and easily by threading into the lid opening hole with no brackets or auxiliary attachment points required. Its collapsible mixing impellers are able to fit through the 6" opening, and they can expand to their full diameter once agitation begins.

The IBC Tote Mixer is sanitary and safe for food-grade mixing of liquid foods in stainless steel IBC tote tanks. It uses clean, compressed air to mix and agitate the tote liquids without oxidizing the product or entraining the mixture with air bubbles. Heavier solids that have settled during transport or storage can be re-homogenized in minutes with this tote agitator.

This is the simplest and most economical tote mixer available on the market today. It features a single-use IBC tote mixer built into the neck of the plastic or metal screw cap for easy installation and removal. The IBC tote mixer is available in either an air or electric version, and both models are UL listed for environments with flammable or combustible gases and dust. This tote mixer is the ideal solution for light liquids and low viscosity materials that need mild agitation, such as contractor grade paints, stains for mulch, or ag dyes. It is also great for mixing water-like chemicals.


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