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An Affair of The Heart: professional Couples Retreat in Northampton, MA

Dec 4

Your relationship is important to you and when things go south and cause its stability, you are worried. That’s right because it’s natural to be worried about what you value because you don’t know what will happen next. You don’t want your hard-built marriage to fail. Have you considered Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats? Maybe that’s what your marriage needs to see it through. And when you’re in Northampton and the surrounding areas, consider professional service providers like An Affair Of The Heart. The team has experienced experts that will help you and your partner feel loved again. You can contact the team at any time to learn more about how they can help you. 

Our therapists don’t solve an active affair

A huge part of this Relationship Retreats is the willingness of partners to engage in the therapeutic process together. The goal is to reestablish trust and connection and deepen your bond. During an active affair, your loyalties and connection have been severed, leaving your partner vulnerable. This scenario makes it nearly impossible to move forward with meaningful work until the affair has ended. 

We help couples build a foundation of trust

Building trust is an essential part of Couples Therapy Retreat. It is vital to build trust with each couple member to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with the therapist. Trust results in honesty, which is the core of the therapy process. Therefore, the first thing any therapist should ensure is available is trust. With trust, the rehabilitation process will be sped up and the clients will get the desired results.

Our team helps you in handling active addictions with therapy

Active addiction can be a complex topic to discuss in Couples Retreats. There are many ways to approach the topic, and each couple will have its unique dynamics. It is essential to be respectful of each person’s experiences and perspectives and remember that no person willingly decides to be an addict. We’ll give you a friendly platform to talk about these issues.

We help you heal using couple’s therapy

It is estimated that only a tiny percentage of couples who could benefit from couples therapy seek out and receive this type of help. Part of this may be because many people are unaware that therapy for couples exists. Others may believe that the relationship is not “bad enough” to warrant outside help. We'll help you heal from distress through Relationship Retreats.

An Affair Of The Heart
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