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The Intensive Marriage Retreats Center People Trust

May 24

No one gets in marriage thinking they will have issues. We all expect a smooth, exciting life. But that is not always the case. Your marriage can have issues even when both of you are trying your best to make it work. If the issues persist and you feel like you want a divorce, you should seek professional help. An Affair Of The Heart is one of the best centers offering Intensive Marriage Retreats for couples in crisis. When you and your partner come to our retreats, you will learn a lot, and your relationship can get better. Here is why we are the best center to help couples in crisis.

Have Experienced Marriage Counselors 

To save your marriage, you need to go to the best marriage counselors. When you come to our Relationship retreats, we allow you to meet the best marriage counselors like Ross Hickerson, among others. The team has helped many couples and knows what is ailing many relationships. In addition, they have taken relationship-related courses to gain more knowledge to ensure they have solutions for couples in crisis.

Our Retreats Are in Best Locations

Couples are used to visiting marriage counselors in offices, but that is old-fashioned. It is better to go to a new place with your partner to have time to explore and have time out together. Our Therapy Retreats are organized in secluded and exciting places you have never visited before. This offers you a chance to go to a new place where you can meet our therapists and do other exciting things after the day's sessions. You and your partner can go have fun and rekindle your love.

One-on-One Private Sessions

Most Marriage Retreat are using virtual means to talk to couples seeking help. However, that is not an effective method for couples with deeper issues. For that reason, we ensure couples that come to our marriage counseling retreats have a private one-one-one-session with our top therapists. If you come, you will have ample time with our counselors.

Have An Excellent Reputation 

When planning to go to The NYC Couple Therapy retreat, your need to know the reputation of the center in charge of the retreats. You should choose a center with an excellent reputation for helping couples in crisis. An Affair Of The Heart is a reputable center that has helped many couples overcome issues, rebuild their relationships, and live happily after that. Reviews on our site tell it all.

An Affair Of The Heart
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