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What You Should Know About Clear Braces in Methuen, Massachusetts

Nov 23

You've been thinking about clear braces in Methuen, Massachusetts, for a while now. You're not sure what clear braces are or how they work, but you know that Clear Braces in Methuen, Massachusetts, may be your solution to the crooked teeth and overcrowding of your mouth. Clear braces use clear brackets on the teeth with wires attached to straighten them over time. There's no need to worry about metal clinking around as we tighten them; there is just a little bit of pressure from our fingers when we tighten clear braces in Methuen, Massachusetts, every few weeks. In this article, you'll learn all about clear braces!

What are clear braces, and how do they work?

Clear braces Methuen are a type of orthodontic treatment that uses tooth-colored brackets and wires to straighten teeth. Clear aligners, also referred to as clear trays or invisible braces, can be used for adults and teenagers alike. Methuen Clear braces use the same basic concept as traditional metal braces, but instead of attaching wires and brackets to your teeth with a visible color, they are hidden.

Clear aligners attach to each tooth individually so you can remove them for eating and brushing throughout the day – just like removable dental appliances. Clear braces in Methuen will provide predictable results that last longer than conventional tools because there is no friction on your gums or lips from wearing bands around them which irritates over time. Clear aligner's attachment technology provides more security by moving all four corners of every tooth at once, resulting in faster treatment times than other forms of Invisalign clear brace options.

How much does it cost to get them?

Clear braces Methuen are not cheap, so it's essential to determine how much they will cost before you begin the process. Clear braces can be expensive depending on your insurance coverage and other factors that determine costs associated with treatment. It's a good idea to inquire about payment plans or financing opportunities and speak with your orthodontist about the cost of clear braces. Clear braces cost more than traditional metal braces because the materials used to create them are expensive.

Is there an age limit for getting them?

Clear braces in Methuen are used for adults and children of all ages. Clear braces can be placed on patients at any age, including teens or even babies if necessary to straighten their teeth. Clear braces are not just for adults. Clear braces are usually recommended for teenagers who have recently lost their baby teeth to make room for permanent adult teeth that are still growing underneath the gums. Clear braces can also be used on older children and teens if necessary as well, but they will only use clear brackets on the lower jaw while using metal or ceramic brackets with traditional wire ties on top to strengthen them first before making any changes. Clear braces are usually more of an investment than traditional metal or ceramic braces for adults, but they will last longer and can improve your appearance faster. Clear braces may be a better choice if you have to wear them on both top and bottom teeth as some patients do even as teens.

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