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The Buzz of Breaking News

April 1, 2011

Murder on the doorstep, Japan unravelling by the second, preparations for the Royal Wedding – everything was thrown at this year’s MA Journalism students as they produced live rolling news across several platforms.

On their toes with hardly time to grab a bite, they loved the buzz as they beat the big media to breaking stories, armed with cameras, audio recorders and note pads.

Claudie Qumsieh, Presenter

“I really enjoyed the newsdays. We got to work to industry standard and got a feel for what ‘real life’ newsrooms are like. It’s really rewarding to have something of quality at the end of a hard day’s work.”

Fearghus Roulston, News Editor

“Working as a team towards deadlines is exhilarating. It feels more like journalism than producing a package on your own.”

Adam Smyth, Video Journalist

“The best thing about the news days was not to worry about pushing the boundaries of what was possible story-wise.”

Susannah Radford, Radio Journalist

“Covering the rolling news was very exciting. It was fun, interesting and a very valuable experience.”

Edoardo Zandona, Online Journalist

“Live rolling news production was totally different to anything I’ve ever done in my life. I never thought I could have so much fun while working so hard.”

Neal Wallace, Video Journalist

“There’s a real buzz in the news room on newsdays, with everyone getting excited about breaking stories. It’s also a lot of fun going out and filming and sourcing original stories.”

Catherine Mumford, Radio Journalist

“Rolling news is just so exciting. I enjoyed getting original phone quotes and using them in the radio bulletin updates.”

Simon Black, Television Producer

“Professionalism is pretty much having fun professionally. That’s our simple rule.”

Michael McKeand, Video Journalist

“News days were fairly hectic, but there is a real feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.”

Orla Ni Sheaghdha, Radio Journalist

“The live rolling news days squashed any doubts I had about wanting to be a journalist. It’s such an adrenaline rush.”

Celeste Carrigan, Social Media Blogger

I enjoyed the tweeting and blogging and engagement with social media. And I loved finding out how many hits my original stories were getting. My Red Nose Day story got over 800 hits in one day!

This year’s round of buzzing live rolling cross-platform news days at Edinburgh Napier University is in the can. The students covered breaking international stories like the Japan tsunami and the Lybia conflict, but also local stories like a murder that happened just up the road. Funny enough, a story about Red Nose Day attracted the most readers!

Check out the students’ live rolling news on

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